Opera Acciòn
The project consists in a lyric opera based on interviews with trans sex workers in Santafe neighborhood, Bogota, Colombia. Created and curated by Virginia Francia.
Buy an artwork to support the participation of trans sex workers in Santa Fe, Bogota in the opera project or donate to support the opera project.
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April 19, 2020 is the 60th anniversary of the "April Revolution"
In October of last year, I was in Korea making a report in the Demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea. On my last day in Seoul, 10.October 2019, I visited with Jungtae Lee the "4.19 National Cemetery".
coincidentally and fortunately i had the opportunity to witness a very important and exciting moment that is part of the history of South Korea: the funeral of one of the young people at that time (died 75 years) who participated and risked his life in this demonstration, a protest that changed a country.
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Gerdas Leben als Lady Xena
Lady Xena in der Berner Zeitung. Seit 7 Jahren begleite ich sie fotografisch. Nun ist daraus ein audiovisuelles Projekt geworden, in Zusammenarbeit mit Simone Lippuner.
12 Die Storys des Tages / Link
BEsonders Berner Zeitung / Link
Lady Xena Vimeo / Link

Sprachenvielfalt in der Schweiz. Wie viele Sprachen spricht die Schweiz?
Am 20. Februar 1938 wurde das Rätoromanische zur vierten Landessprache. Die Abstimmungsvorlage wurde mit fast 92% Ja-Stimmen angenommen. Was bedeutete dieser Entscheid? Wie steht es heute um diese Sprache? Welche Sprache lernen die Kinder in der Schule? Wie viele Menschen sprechen welche Sprachen in der Schweiz? Sind sie wirklich so unterschiedlich, wie viele denken? Ist der Röstigraben wirklich so klar abzugrenzen?
Filmzimmer: Die Welt in Biel / Le monde à Bienne - Enrique Muñoz García zeigt Portraits von Menschen mit anderen Muttersprachen. Dieser Film ist im Rahmen der Robert-Walser-Sculpture 2019 entstanden.
Volkshochschule Biel-Lyss
Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Neutral Nations / Neutral Territorium
"Neutral Nations" is a multimedia installation by the artist Enrique Muñoz García based on a collection of found video footage: the presidents and military leaders of various countries look through binoculars into the DMZ between the two Koreas.
"Neutral Nations" is part of the exhibition "How to Catch up with a Dead Hare" by Georgian artist Iliko Zautashvili.
Exhibition opening: November 21 | 19:00-21:00
Duration: November 21, 2019 – January 19, 2020
Venue: GNM, Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla) | 8, Sioni Str. Tbilisi, Georgia
Neutral Nations / Link

Art Politic-Border Crossing / DMZ (Demilitaried Zone) & JSA (Joint Security Area)
Open Air Symposium Research & Workshop Exhibition Performance Conference Presentation.
"DMZ & JSA” is the forth project from the Nine Dragon Heads' series of events that emphasize a new component in NDH’s current activity. It is working on the subjects of mutual influences and connections between a art event and the geography of its realization, a international art politic, and a large-scale art event with a fixed location and periodicity. Alongside the usual mode of NDH such as open-air symposiums, research-oriented workshops, exhibitions and conferences, these projects are held in the DMZ 155mile from West to East between North and South Korea Borderline and Suwon Museum of Art, Experimental Space UZ, Space NOON.

Robert Walser Sculpture by Thomas Hirschhorn. Schweizerische Plastikausstellungen Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Die Welt in Biel / Le monde à Bienne by Enrique Muñoz García

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Robert Walser-Sculpture TV-Studio

19.06.2019, 18.00 Uhr
BERNER ALMANACH FOTOGRAFIE Buchhappening und Ausstellung
Terrain, Lorrainstrasse 27
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Annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events
David Kakabadze Kutaisi Fine Art Gallery, 8 Rustaveli Street, Kutaisi 4600
18:00- International Group Exhibition Opening ‘Artisterium XII, On the Road, Kutaisi’
Lia Ukleba, Christine Robakidze, Roland Shalamberidze, Tea Sulaberidze, Mindia Charkseliani, Rocko Iremashvili, Luka Zautashvili, Manuchar Okrostsvaridze, Guram Tsibakhashvili, Lisa Glonti, Georgia; So Young, S.Korea; Ali Bramwell, New Zealand; Nezaket Ekici, Turkey; Shahar Marcus, Israel; Masaru Iwai, Japan; Lisa Biedlingmaier, Jens Rausch, Germany; Dominique Fury, Alex Perret, France; Enrique Muñoz García, Switzerland/Chile.

Women with Binoculars / Magnum Photos
Past Exhibition
Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography
The open-air exhibition Women with Binoculars presents a curation of images by seven Magnum photographers: Carolyn Drake, Diana Markosian, Peter Marlow, Martin Parr, Mark Power, Peter van Agtmael and Alex Webb. This series, newly assembled by curator Enrique Muñoz García, shows women who are using binoculars to look at something taking place outside the frame. The presence of binoculars in the images tends to render the photographed women anonymous, and lets them be both the subject of the image and the agent. While the act of pointing one’s binoculars at something and visually tracking one’s target evokes surveillance, visual control, or military espionage – that is, actions often associated with the male gender – this new collection of photographs invites us to rethink the social and political role of women in our system of representation.